A radar detector app is the new version of the classic radar detector which was not ineffective for so many years. Speed traps are more common than ever before. State and local authorities are facing budget shortfalls. Should you be unlucky enough to have gotten a ticket for speeding recently, then you understand that it's no affordable affair. Only a few miles within the speed limit can cost you up to $200 in some places.

Sadly, as the recognition of speed traps has grown over the years, the technologies used has also enhanced. A few years ago, all you needed seriously to prevent a ticket was a cop radar detector. Since the radar detectors would also improve, if it were a straightforward issue of the authorities radar becoming more advanced, there would not be a problem. What has occurred is the cops are now using cameras to catch speeders. No signature is given off by these cameras so you will not be helped by a radar detector. Everything you need is some other approach to be forewarned. Fortunately there are millions of drivers on the way regular who see this cameras and speed traps. Through networking and communications, they can.

These detector apps for smart phones and GPS units will be the next level in speed trap avoidance. Detectors are available for mobiles running Android or iPhone systems. How the system operates is the fact that drivers upload the location of cameras and speed traps as they see them. This info can then be transferred to your device to warn you when you approach a problem area. The info is always updated by the detector app that is iPhone and prompt is received by also you, up-to-the-minute updates. The radar detector along with the detector program Android program Blackberry also allow for this sharing of information. The advice can also be transmitted to your Bluetooth detector from your phone so you can see where the traps and cameras are.

These times we are now living in a universe which is tracked more than by the authorities. Even if you do not plan to accelerate or break the law in any way, wouldn't you nevertheless like to know where and when government is watching you? Get one of these radar detector programs on your phone and you may do just that.

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