Get 25% OFF all JoomlArt and Techjoomla products

25 Feb 2016

This 2016, we re-energize our partner program with the best Joomla extension developers from all around the world. And being a member of JoomlArt has never been so valuable.

25 percent off joomlart techjoomla products

Get 25% OFF all JoomlArt and Techjoomla products for your next Joomla project

This time, the friendly geeks at Techjoomla will be on stage with us to bring you our partner offer 25% OFF all JoomlArt and Techjoomla products from 25 Feb 2016 to 3 March 2016 with the coupon code: JATJ25

Or use the coupon code JATJ25 during checkout!

Note:This offer is a single offer which is not applicable to use with other promotions/offers!

Techjoomla is a Joomla powerhouse with Joomla extensions for Chat, Viral Invitations, Crowd-funding, Advertising, Newsletters, E-commerce & Social Networks.

JoomlArt and Techjoomla also team together in the responsive Joomla template for event organizers - JA Events II. With Jticketing of Techjoomla, JoomlArt's template JA Events II becomes a features-packed event booking system. Jticketing also has Android and iOS apps for the event organizers. You can have a look at the live demo of JA Events II, or see the template info.

Don't forget to head to Techjoomla, to find out more about our partner's products and grab our special offer now!

Together we hope to bring you the best of all Joomla products. If you have any feedback or question, please don't hesitate to tell us in the comments section below!

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